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Located in a privileged place, the marble shop nouveaux creates jewels from
solid blocks of rock.

From the beginning of the Furnas Road, 3.800, a road to the left, in an
unusual landscape and with a stunning sight for the Gavea's Rock and sea,
the NOUVEAUX MARBLES and GRANITES, a true industry, where the professionals
and customers can see and choose, the type, the colors and the formats of
the rocks that they will use on their projects.

The NOUVEAUX doesn't measure efforts to take you to the best of the marble
and the granite, be it national or international. That's why, it has the
exclusive Italian companies' representation, offering an immense variety of
materials with lower costs, and the possibility to do special works, as
incrustations from water jets and mosaics.

From NOUVEAUX, you can buy manufature marbles with an antique or a patina
look. It allows the creation of mosaics and rock's carpet, as well as
borders, bands and drawings that gives an original finishing to your
project. From the beginning of the production until the final consumer,
which is made through architects and technician, the NOUVEAUX offers the
best set of services to plan, to execute and to help their customers.

In the NOUVEAUX, you can find an immense variety of marbles and extract granites from the best deposits of Brazil, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Italy, beyond exclusive pieces for the environment decoration as water
fountains, fireplaces, busts, pillars and columns totally sculptured in
solid marble.

The NOUVEAUX still guides you about how to correctly deal with our rocks using BELLINZONI special products line.

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