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The Nouveaux brought from Italy the new conception to rescue the past and to value the present.

The Anticato can be found in two types of treatment, the aged, or simply or the antiquate one, and also, made by diverse types of rock. For its versatility, it can be applied in external and internal areas, on the floor and on the walls.

In the environments where circulate many people, it eliminates definitely the problems with the scratches and consuming on the floor. The Anticato acts in an inverse direction to the conventional floor: the more consumed, the more prettier it becomes.
The Italian natural material, compacted with resin (what provides color and perfectly homogeneous structure), becomes the ideal material for coverings large areas.

It has standardized controlled measures, which results in an economy of time and money in the finishing.

Manufactured with high technology, the finishing is so perfect that they donot perceive the edges. It makes possible the most varied combinations ofcolors and drawings and it can be made in marble, granite or industrialized marble.
Imported Materials from the Nouveaux, with international quality.
The standard quality of the national marbles and granites are so good as the international ones.
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Our products, national or international, have an excellent quality beyond the ample aesthetic variety, including a great number of applications.

We allow galleries of images for each product, detaching some examples for its use.
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